5619 Silver Creek Valley Road
San Jose, CA 95138
Phone Number: 408-839-5905


"I had a parent-teacher conference with [my daughter's] 2nd grade teacher last week, and she said [my daughter's] writing skills were very good, as she organizes the different parts of her compositions well and provides solid conclusions. This is proof that your classes really help. Thanks so much for everything and keep up the great work!"


"My daughter attended Silver Creek Academy for five years, and her reading, writing, and study skills have improved dramatically! She used to struggle with sentence formation and understanding the concept of writing. Over time and after working at SCA, she has greatly improved and has been receiving wonderful marks on her papers!
Mrs. Swircek is what an ideal teacher should be. She cares about her students and their parents and understands that each student has different learning styles. She also always answers our questions and puts learning before everything else.
The small class sizes, challenging course curriculum, the friendliness of the teachers, and the overall "family" environment is the perfect educational setting for a student to learn and grow at their own pace. All the teachers at the Academy have credentials and they all have years of experience in various school districts. They understand the school curriculum and help parents guide their children.

It certainly says something about an Academy when my daughter actually looks forward to attending classes every week and is really excited about writing!"


"This is in reference to the High School admissions results that came out this weekend. I wanted to share the good news that I got into my top two choices of schools- Archbishop Mitty and Notre Dame High School. I want to thank you for all your help in preparing me for the HSPT test and for the high school essays. I did really well on the test and my scores were on the high ranges across. Once again thank you so much for all your efforts. This would not have been possible without your help."


"Silver Creek Academic Academy is a great tutoring and enrichment center. The small class sizes allow teachers to cater to the needs of each student. Mrs. Jenkins and the other teachers are fully credentialed with experience in the public school system. They truly make a difference in the lives of their students. The center is beautiful and promotes a healthy learning environment. I highly recommend for students of any grade level."

-Mrs. S

"The staff at Silver Creek Academic Academy is very friendly and patient to teach the students. Mrs. Jenkins is caring, helpful, and makes the students' learning experience very fun and enjoyable. The teachers at the Academy all have credentials and they understand the school systems. Mrs. Jenkins and her staff are always available to answer questions, and they always place the needs of their students first. As a parent who has sent her daughter to various academies, Silver Creek Academic Academy is the only one that is truly out to make a difference in the community!"


"Hello Mrs. Shelley & Kendra!
Good news on the high schools. I got accepted to Bellarmine, Mitty, and St. Francis, every school I applied for. Also, test results came back and I ended up in the 97th percentile! Thank you for working with me to improve my test scores and improve my chances of getting into these schools. I don't think I could have done it without you! Now comes the hard part - deciding which school to attend."


"Thank you Mrs. Shelley and Lori! We adore you both and you have done so much for [our son] and our family. I do not think a day goes by that we do not tell someone about Silver Creek Academy. You have so many wonderful teachers and so many fantastic classes to choose from.
Have a great day."


"Thank you so much for teaching and helping me for the past four years. I have improved in my grades because of you. You are very kind and talented. I think Silver Creek Academy does deserve to be the Best of the Best Tutoring Place of the Year. It really helps students improve."

- Emily

"My daughter is now a sophomore in high school, and she's doing so well in school. The public speaking, reading, and writing classes in Silver Creek Academic Academy really helped her gain the confidence to be more outspoken, join sports, and try many new activities in high school. Grades are one thing, but it is more important to me that my daughter enjoys school and is willing to give her best effort.
Even now that she's older, my daughter still considers Mrs. Swircek as the most life-changing teacher she's had. It was because of the Academy that she began to enjoy participating in class and voicing her opinions. The academy truly cares about their students and strives hard to provide the kids with attention in and out of the classroom. Even now that my daughter is a sophomore and is only taking the high school writing course, Mrs. Swircek still provides mentorship, guidance, and advice. I believe that this truly is a great investment for my daughter!
This is a wonderful educational program. Small classes taught by fully credentialed teachers. Voted "Best of the Bay" in Bay Area Parent. Enthusiastic, and caring teachers make this a fun place for the kids to improve their grades and find a love for learning."


Dear Silver Creek Academy, I wanted to thank you all for your help with writing all of my college essays- I wouldn't have been able to make it through application season without you :) I decided to SIR to UCSB this morning and I just wanted to let you guys know! Thanks once again for all the love and support I received from my Silver Creek Academy family."