Lisa Carrell

Lisa bio pic

Lisa graduated Summa Cum Laude from San Jose State University with a Multiple Subjects Teaching

Credential and a Master’s Degree in Education. Lisa moved from London, England to the Bay Area twenty years ago and has been a teacher in San Jose for the past twelve years. In 2017, Lisa was awarded the title of “Teacher of the Year” from Silicon Valley Education Foundation and is currently an Instructor at DeAnza College. Lisa previously worked in the legal profession wherein she established her love for speech and debate and had the honor of participating in high-level, competitive debate events throughout the U.K. She feels, very strongly, that speech and debate supports every student to strengthen their research, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills.During her spare time Lisa likes traveling, cycling, yoga, U-Jam, creative arts, working on engineering projects, and walking her dog, Jack. She has a cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains where she retreats to embrace her love of nature. Lisa is excited to be a part of the Silver Creek Academy Team!